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Individual consultations
for newborn, baby & child photographers:
“A to Z of Newborn, Baby & Child Photography”

Location of workshops: Studio wpieluszce.pl in Tychy (Sląskie Voivodeship)

Upcoming workshop dates: throughout the whole year (the date is set individually)

Cost: 1500 PLN for 1 day of consultation. Number of participants: 1

Duration: Proposed time 10:00 – 19:00 (if required we can work longer)

fotografia dziecięca - warsztaty

The start of the workshop: proposed time 09:30

–  What newborn, baby and child photography is: what do your pictures say? You will find out how to build an effective message transmission and how to approach newborn, baby & child photography in order to skilfully combine the beauty of a child with the world around them.

– Colours in newborn,baby and child photography. You will find out which colours work the best in reality and which you should avoid in a photo session. We will talk about the colours that are the most effective in the post-production.

– Factures and background as scenography awareness. You will realise how important role background and fabrics’ texture play. We will talk about choosing the best background, what sort of factures should be used and how to prepare yourself for a photo shoot.

– Accessories commonly used during a newborn, baby and a child photo shoot. You will find out what do we use accessories for and what should be used during your work. We will talk about how to skilfully convey a message by combining background, light and accessories in a session.

– Camera settings. You will understand how to efficiently use the parameters of the camera to avoid mishaps and mistakes, create memorable shots of newborns, babies and children. We will tell you what the most common mistakes are during photo shooting of children whether they’re sleeping or running around during the session.

– The main sources of light and natural ambient light. We will find out about one of the most important topics which is selecting correct source of light for the session. This will allow you to avoid mistakes and you will skillfully learn how to choose and mix different source of light when taking pictures.

– Flash lamps and studio lamps in newborn and child photography. We will advise you whether using flash or studio lamps during shooting children is a good option. We will talk about how to use lamps and when they can be used as the only source of light. You will practice and you will find out which source of light is closest to your aesthetic taste.

From 11:00  we start the photo shoot with a few day old newborn

fotografia dziecięca - warsztaty

- The most important thing is to practice. This is undoubtedly the most wonderful part of the workshop as each of the participants can immerse themselves in the world of photography with a camera in their hands. During this practical part of the workshop we will implement your knowledge into practice and we will together try to create an unforgettable portrait of a newborn. The photo session with the little model, under our watchful eye, will give you the ability of using knowledge in practice. Photos taken during the session will be later edited in Photoshop therefore it is extremely important to maximally focus during the photo shoot of the newborn.

fotografia dziecięca - warsztaty

 During work we always remember about short lunch time…

– You will learn about the lighting schemes. The way you brighten up the scene will affect the message of your photos. The light is one of the key issues and its correct scheme impacts the style of the photographs. Skillful management of the light and getting to know the patterns will give you more comfort when taking pictures. We will determine which settings are wrong and which you should avoid while photographing babies.

– Discussion about light modifiers. This issue is a bit technical but important as it is affecting the raw files and thus the final result. The level of light softening and the direction of the light flow is a difficult matter and understanding the main light modifiers will give you an advantage over the competition.

– The most common mistakes during a photo shoot with children. We’ll talk not only about technical mistakes but also about basic mistakes in the customer service area when approaching little models. Working with kids is a very specific but sweet challenge. Therefore, you need to be very careful in your work in order to avoid basic mistakes and you must focus on achieving the best results and taking the best photos.

– Working with children during a session. Sometimes you will meet physically active models. Finding the right way to establish the contact with young models is very important and every time this contact is reflected in the final result of your photos. The appropriate cooperation with children during the session is a very important matter for every child photographer.

kurs fotograf noworodkowy

- Overview of the most beautiful ways of posing of newborns. There is a long list of body positioning for newborns. Determine which positions are mandatory and which should be avoided. Having an example, we will determine how body positions of small models must blend in with background, accessories and factures that are most commonly used in the newborn photography.

– White balance during a photo shoot. You will learn how to solve the eternal dilemma of setting the correct white balance. We will answer the question of how to achieve the most beautiful skin tone by setting correct white balance on your camera. You will learn how to adjust the balance to the light sources that you use during the session.

fotografia dziecięca - warsztaty

- Proper selection of location for a session. We will determine which is better: studio, home or outdoors session? How to exploit the work potential in the studio? Is a photo shoot at customer’s home a good idea? What sort of look should be chosen for an outdoor session and what to look for? Is carrying out a session in the studio only limiting your business?

– Editing images from the session in Photoshop (you may take your laptop but it is not necessary). This is a very important point of the workshop. Developing .raw files from the session and continuous .jpg file edition is the final and very important stage of working on the image. Pre-settings, actions, Photoshop, proven solutions, valuable editorial suggestions, you will get everything you need in order to create beautiful photos of children. You will understand how to step by step create an image from the moment you open a .raw file until you save the .jpg file that is ready to be printed out or put on the internet.


 Below we present the examples of additional topics that we can focus on during individual consultations:

- The 10 Commandments of newborn, baby and child photographer. We will determine what you need to remember about when preparing for a session. You will understand what needs to be established with the parents to fully meet their expectation but at the same time it will match your vision and photographic aesthetics.

– Marketing techniques of a newborn, baby & child photographer in a nutshell. Although baby, newborn & child photography is sweet and romantic, there are firm rules on the market. We will determine the main, proven channels to reach customers with your offer and we will try to arrange an effective development plan for your business. You will understand how important Social Media is in gaining new customers and small models.

fotografia dziecięca - kurs

- Advanced image editing Photoshop combined with colour management and equipment profiling.

kurs dla fotografa dzieci

- Where to find inspiration and how to develop your photographic taste. We will talk about where to find the source of progress and how not to stand still. Development of photographer’s taste and aesthetics is a very important topic. Both affect your future photos and the way you will look at your photographs after many years.

The end of the individual consultation is around 20:00.

To book your individual consultation:


tel. 600 720 934
e-mail: studio@wpieluszce.pl

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