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1. What sort of photo session do you offer?

We’re photographing little heroes. We love the emotions of the youngest. Our sessions are divided into 3 categories: newborn (age of a child: 4-14 days), baby (for 1-12 months old babies), child (older than 1 year of age)

2. When should we book a newborn photo session?

The best thing is to book it when the mother is still pregnant. We are aware of the fact that the date of delivery may change however you should pre-book a date with us so we can mark it in our calendar. Happy mother should contact us 2-3 days after the birth of her baby to confirm the final date of the photo session.

3. When is the baby ready for a photo shoot?

The best time for the first photo session of a newborn is 5-12 days after their birth. During this time babies sleep a lot and are not suffering from colic making it easier to create sweet poses of newborns. Of course there are 14 day old babies that sleep a lot too but please contact us beforehand to schedule the photo session.

4. When is the best time to do a baby photo shoot?

The best time for a photo session of a baby is when they start to sit and get interested in everything around. This session can be done in the second month of their life but the best results will be achieved when the baby can lift up their head a bit. However if parents wish to have pictures from the first months of their child, there is absolutely no problem.

5. How long does a baby session take?

It is a very difficult question and the answer depends on the condition of a baby. Usually we are able to finish the session after 4 hours spent with the baby whereas the shooting itself lasts only a short while. A lot of time is spent on feeding, sleeping, swaddling and hugging between the shoots. For safety, we have only one photo session a day and we kindly request from parents not to plan anything important on that day as it may happen that the session will take a little longer. After all, we all wish to create a wonderful and magical memory.

6. Where does a baby session take place?

In order for a session to go by smoothly and achieve the best results, we advise all parents to visit our studio wpieluszce.pl in Krakow (the Malopolska Voivodeship), Warszawa (The Mazowsze Voivodeship) or Kobior (The Slaskie Voivodeship / near Tychy). In those magical places we have everything planned and prepared so that your baby will feel safe, cosy and warm. In exceptional cases, we can do a session at the comfort of your own home but it needs to meet special requirements so that the session will achieve the best results. Therefore we believe that our studio is the best place for baby sessions.

7. Does your baby need to have their own toys /accessories and clothes for a photo shoot?

We have been collecting toys & accessories with great care and joy therefore we are fully prepared and our shelves are full of fluffy fabrics and children’s toys. We are open to mothers’ suggestions but we do believe that our accessories are unique and beautiful as they were brought from different countries around the world in order to make our pictures look unique & amazing.

8. Does a baby need to be specially prepared for a session?

There are a few things that can help us all during the first photo shoot of your baby. First of all, the lesser the baby sleeps before the session, the more it sleeps during it (which helps our work a lot). Secondly, if your baby is fed with artificial milk, please take it with you for the session as fed baby sleeps more and and is less likely to wake up. Usually small model is fed for the first time just before the start of the session.

9. What is the temperature during a session? Is your child not feeling cold?

We pay special attention and take care of the comfort of our little hero. During shooting the temperature in the studio is around 28 Celsius degrees. When the baby is posing naked, we turn on two heaters to ensure a warm temperature in the studio.

10. Does your baby need to have their own clothes for a photo session?

We use our own clothes for baby sessions (1-12 months). However we also use elegant baby’s clothes provided they have no prints. We agree on the details before the session so that we can achieve the best results and the cutest pictures.

11. Who does take part in a photo session and look after the baby’s safety?

Our little models can sense any sort of tension. Therefore it is extremely important that only a few people take part in the session. Both parents are welcome to join us and assist in the session of their beloved child, while sipping delicious coffee or tea.

12. Where do sessions take place?

Our photo sessions are held in either one of our studios: in Tychy (The Slaskie Voivodeship), Warszawa (The Mazowieckie Voivodeship), Krakow (The Malopolskie Voivodeship) or outdoors. If the weather is nice and the sun is out, we are happy to meet our little models in the open area. We have a couple of our favourite locations but we are also open to parents’ suggestions. Babies require a different style from teenagers who prefer braver stylization and locations.