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fotografia noworodkowa


About my passion

Alina plays first fiddle in the studio wpieluszce.pl. She is passionate about developing her skills and nurturing her sincere love to newborn, baby and child photography. Alina…

…has a heart that beats faster when a baby sleeps peacefully and is ready for their first photo shoot.

…has the experience and knowledge that she has gained over years. She has recently worked, as the only Pole in the world, with the American Kelley Ryden – one of the most respected photographers in the world of newborn photography.

…has a keen eye for every detail to keep memories alive forever.

…has a smiley face that brightens up the whole studio so a photo session flows in a lovely atmosphere, smelling like fresh peaches.

…has warm hands and all babies react calmly to her touch during a photo shoot.

…has feet that bring her to a place where newborn, baby and child photography connects with parents joy and pride.


Alina Płaczek - fotograf


…has colourful ideas that skilfully use the fluffiness of fabrics, blanket’s shade and the power of light in one picture.

..has something undefined in herself that makes parents happy about choosing Alina to be their beloved child’s first photographer.

…has an instinct that allows her to combine her photography knowledge, which every photographer needs, with a calm frame composition.

… has feminine and sweet taste that perfectly matches soft baby caps with jasmine shorts emphasizing the beauty of a newborn baby.

… has the knowledge which helps her when she works as an international judge.

… has the studio wpieluszce.pl where we invite both parents with their newborns or their older children for a wonderful and unforgettable photo shoot of their child.

…has got a vibrating telephone so you can call her any time if you have any questions regarding newborn, baby or child photo session.


fotografia noworodkowa


Alina… creates images which have been awarded in the biggest print competitions in the world (USA, Canada, the UK)…


We look forward to hearing from you…